Dates are tasty and full of health benefits!

Eden Fruits buys its dates mainly from Algeria, and partly from Tunisia. After processing, they are sold to wholesale customers, mainly in Germany but also throughout Europe.

Our dates are the variety known as “Deglet Nour”, which means “Date of Light”. This variety, called French nutmeg, is a golden yellow fruit, ripened and dried in the sun, with a thin texture, a nougat taste and unparalleled quality in the world.

The date palm, which produces Deglet Nour, is an ancestral tree whose culture dates back to Mesopotamia archives. It reaches heights of 15 to 20 meters. The date picking takes place every year in the autumn at the beginning of October.

Eden Fruits respects ecological practices, and works with its producer partners to promote a kind of agriculture committed to sustainable development. Eden Fruits attaches importance, as well, to fairness in its commercial relations with its suppliers.